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Research area (below): Entrepreneurship and health

Carina Lomberg

Are mental disorders contagious across organizations

Carina Lomberg is Associate Professor at DTU Entrepreneurship and her research focuses on the psychology of entrepreneurship.

Together with her colleagues, Carina has looked at the different type of virus, namely depression, anxiety and stress-related disorders and whether this could spread similar to infectious disease epidemically. In this video Carina Lomberg will elaboration on main findings from this research.

Research area (below): Entrepreneurial teams

women sitting on stairs reading

How AI can put humanity at the centre of business and start-ups

Nicola Anne Thomas is doing her PhD project at DTU Entrepreneurship and is interested in how emotions and well-being affects entrepreneurs and start-up teams.

In this video she will elaborate on some main findings of her research and how it can impact the future.

Research area (below): Innovation and corporate entrepreneurship

Jason Li Ying sitting

How to navigate opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship during crisis

Jason Li-Ying, Professor in Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Head of Research at DTU Entrepreneurship will present some of his findings in his research project.

Research area (below): Sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation

francesco rosati

Exploring the factors associated with business contribution to the SDGs

Francesco Rosati, Associate Professor in Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Innovation, DTU Entrepreneurship elaborates on what this research project is about and how it can impact the future.

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