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Our innovative curriculum integrates theory and practice

We believe education requires the acquisition and creation of new knowledge and skills, but that alone is simply not enough to create impact in an ever-changing world. We enable students to acquire deep knowledge and develop the mindsets, behaviors, and entrepreneurial capabilities needed to build successful and ethical start-ups and develop new innovations within companies.

Although our curriculum and methodologies evolve and change through experimentation and research, our education is founded on the principles of continuous innovation, collaboration and interdisciplinarity. Our cross-disciplinary approach to entrepreneurship education enables students to not only build better businesses, but become articulate, creative, ethical and confident leaders.

At the Centre, we believe learning is a social activity and focus on teamwork, as it provides students with the opportunity to develop skills such as collaboration and communication, while also being exposed to other cultures and viewpoints, which creates future fit entrepreneurs.

Our approach to a new type of learning lives at the intersection of the Centre’s 3 main areas: Research, education and start-ups. Rigorous research is the baseline, but the knowledge exchange between research, education and start-ups is where our sweet spot lies. Examples of this interchange include how insights from published papers feed into entrepreneurial education development and how teams learn by building through start-ups, which then feeds into research.

Become an entrepreneur and build solutions with impact

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msc technology entrepreneurship

Graduate with a degree
and a start-up

DTU’s MSc in Technology Entrepreneurship ( programme nurtures and develops entrepreneurs and their start-ups. Throughout this 2-year entrepreneurial journey, students experience academic learning and hands-on training that support their transformation into entrepreneurs. We invite students from over 300 bachelor degrees to the programme, as we believe it takes a team of people from different academic backgrounds who share one thing in common - the desire to apply technology for the benefit of people, society and the world - to create breakthrough solutions.

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Learn by building

At the Centre, entrepreneurship education is not based on a textbook course. Instead, students are immersed in real life and hands-on learning experiences. Our portfolio of courses enables students to recognize human, industry and societal needs, and innovate, productize and commercialize new technology.

Our entrepreneurship curriculum offers research-based experiential learning opportunities and combines the highest-quality education with real start-up opportunities. The Centre serves DTU students across all departments, disciplines, and levels, from BEng to PhD.

Course highlights:

Learn more about sustainable entrepreneurship

Sustainable entrepreneurship

In collaboration with impact entrepreneurs and other stakeholders, students will work on impactful startup ideas contributing to societal grand challenges and the regeneration of environmental and social systems.This is done in a sustainable entrepreneurship lab offering a stimulating and hands-on educational environment.
Learn more about the course Technology and innovation management

Technology and innovation management

The primary goal of the course is to expose students to a variety of perspectives on technological corporate innovation, building on an active learning process and preparing for work challenges in the future.
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DTU X-Tech Entrepreneurship programme

in motion

DTU X-Tech is an accelerated-learning programme that combines engineering, business and marketing students with inventions, patents and technological needs from industry partners and DTU research. The outcome: A prototype, a business plan, and an entrepreneurial team ready to explore a new business venture.

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Wind energy and person

entrepreneurial thesis

Building technology
for people

The entrepreneurial thesis is a direct and tangible way for students to explore, develop and convert technical knowledge and competences into theories, products or businesses to benefit people, society and the world.
DTU students can apply to write a thesis (BEng, BSc, MSc level) with the entrepreneurial development of a start-up as its main topic, as an add-on to an engineering thesis, or studying entrepreneurship as a research phenomenon.

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Continuing education - executive education - DTU Board Education

Driving entrepreneurial and innovative enterprises

Start a professional career as a board member. In cooperation with DTU Learn for Life, DTU Entrepreneurship offers DTU Board Education that combines solid, academic research with first-hand experience from top business executives and board experts, and provides you with knowledge and key skills to increase your leadership competencies.

They say practice makes perfect, join DTU Board Education and get a chance to practice your board room skills with long time board members.

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Programme Manager

Thor Rigtrup Larsen

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Associate Professor &
Head of Impact Lab

Thomas J. Howard

"If you want to start a company, please knock on my door!"

My personal mission is to increase the quantity and quality of research based start-ups. 

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"Big ideas have small beginnings and we want to help you realize your big ideas, step by step"