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DTU Entrepreneurship is among the international leading entities in technology entrepreneurship and ensures a culture of entrepreneurship across DTU. Start-ups are a core focus of the centre, and by combining practice-oriented education and research in entrepreneurship with real start-up opportunities from all departments at DTU, we are part of a dynamic and evolving ecosystem. We aim to be visible and supportive to students and employees in order to create an entrepreneurial mindset and to foster more start-ups coming from DTU. International collaboration and inspiration is of high importance for the centre, which is why we focus on builing strong partnerships and increase knowledge transfer and entrepreneurial collaboration globally.

Here are some examples, how we work on creating more start-ups and how you can collaborate with us: 

Student start-ups

HardTech Entrepreneurship is a 13 week and 10 ECTS DTU course. We create a technology based incubator to match teams of Engineering Master’s students from different backgrounds who are matched with a technology/invention/patent/need from a mother company. We also attach a Business/Marketing Master’s student and an Industry Mentor with years of experience in the technological field of the project to the team. We give them free access to prototyping facilities, 5,000 DKK to purchase components, support from Product and Business Development professionals, lectures and keynotes on entrepreneurship .

HARDTech has a focus on products/services, involving HARDware equipment, sensors, devices, enhanced by software, connectivity and data. Unlike normal entrepreneurship incubators this is specifically tailored to the technical university, often using HARD/difficult technology with an industry and B2B focus.

Read more about HardTech Entrepreneurship and get in touch here. 

We collaborate with DTU Skylab which is the innovation hub located at Lyngby campus at DTU, Technical University of Denmark. We focus on enabling student innovation and entrepreneurship through our three focus areas; student innovation, company collaboration and academia. It is important to us to welcome all DTU students and affiliated students, therefore student innovation include everything from smaller student projects, case solving on courses and student start-ups. 

Read more about DTU Skylab and get in touch with them here.

Research-based start-ups 

Open Entrepreneurship is a Danish initiative aiming to turn world-class research into world-class spin-outs. In Denmark, we have excellent and leading researchers, but how can their knowledge and efforts benefit the society? Studies have shown that matching research teams with experienced and external entrepreneurs creates more sustainable businesses. This commercialization catalyzes the research and knowledge into products or processes that generates value to the society.

Read more about Open Entrepreneurship and get in touch here.

We collaborate with DTU Tech Transfer they bring ideas into reality and new products to market. Since 1999, The Technical University of Denmark has formed 2200 new start-up companies with a 74 percent survival rate. These high numbers stem from DTU’s ground-breaking research along with its vision of bringing value to society. We support DTU inventions through business development, training programmes, funding, mentorship and exposure through events. Surf this site to learn more about how we help DTU employees reach their goal within innovation and entrepreneurship. 


Read more about DTU's Tech Transfer unit and get in touch with them here.


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