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We strive to develop the entrepreneurial capabilities of students, civil society, executives, researchers, and policymakers to create positive social and economic change.

At the Centre, the interplay between research, education and start-ups creates a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Diversity fuels

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The Centre brings entrepreneurship research and education together, which forms the basis for increased activities across departments and disciplines. Diverse entrepreneurial teams and early dialogue between researchers, entrepreneurs, industrialists, and investors are essential to successfully transfer technology from university to market and build ground-breaking solutions to real world problems.

Bringing together diverse entrepreneurs, from researchers to philosophers, ensures technology solves people problems beyond the confines of DTU. We educate, train and nurture entrepreneurial teams, and bring research-based knowledge of entrepreneurship into education and policy to build better solutions, businesses and futures.

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At DTU Entrepreneurship, we thrive on diversity and value different cultures, ideas, experiences, and personalities. Our team of 33 employees, 18 scientific and 15 technical/administrative staff, is composed of 14 different nationalities.

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“Taking the DTU X-Tech course at DTU Entrepreneurship was an eye-opening experience, to which I owe a significant portion of my success as an entrepreneur.”

- Oliver Hvidt, CEO Norlase

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RESEARCH AREA: Entrepreneurship and health

Interested in doing a PhD focusing on neurodiversity and educational technology? 

Exciting, fully-funded PhD positon is open at DTU Entrepreneurship. The PhD project will be focusing on developing, testing and implementing technological interventions towards neurodiversity in entrepreneurship education. You are expected to make use of technology advancements that have the potential to empower every student and reduce inequalities within education. We are looking for a candidate with a background in psychology, entrepreneurship or computer science with an understanding and interest in translating her or his knowledge to entrepreneurship education.

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RESEARCH AREA: Sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation

Do you want to do
a PhD in entrepreneurship education for sustainable development?

The PhD scholarship will be part of the research area focusing on sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation at DTU Entrepreneurship. You will explore research questions such as: What is the state of the art of educational approaches, tools and methods for teaching and learning entrepreneurship for sustainable development and the SDGs? What is the relationship between entrepreneurship education for sustainable development and student entrepreneurial intentions? Do sustainable entrepreneurship seminars offered to researchers increase their entrepreneurial intentions? What type of educational tools are more likely to engage students and researchers and shape their entrepreneurial intentions? 

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We are regularly looking for great people to join us.

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