What is Centre for Technology Entrepreneurship?


Centre for Technology Entrepreneurship is a centre at DTU, Technical University of Denmark,  in Kgs. Lyngby, north of Copenhagen, Denmark. DTU Entrepreneurship opened in December 2018.

DTU Entrepreneurship is the centre of research and curricular entrepreneurship programmes, providing opportunities to develop entrepreneurial capabilities for all students at DTU. 

The centre provides a portfolio of courses for all students to become exemplary engineers with deep technical skills and the capability to recognize needs, innovate, productize and commercialize new technology. 

Research at the centre focus on building an effective feedback loop between entrepreneurship research and practice to ensure research are translated into practice – and that practice provides an empirical foundation for research. 

The centre is based on the University’s academic environments within entrepreneurship and is driven by the centre's core values: Openness, honesty and helpfulness.  


Location & contact

DTU Entrepreneurship
Buildings 371 & 372, 2nd floor
2800 Kgs Lyngby

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Director, Professor
Jes Broeng
Karina Skydt, PA for Director

Deputy Director
Sannie Fisker

Management team

Jes Broeng
Sannie Fisker
Jason Li-Ying
Thomas J. Howard
Anne Hasling Sørensen

Centre Secretary
Marianne Ærsøe

Our vision

To be a world-renowned centre of excellence for building the entrepreneurial and technology innovation capabilities of students, researchers and organizations.
29 OCTOBER 2020