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The Centre for Technology Entrepreneurship puts evidence-based research in focus on a wide range of management, pedagogic, and policy issues related to entrepreneurship and innovation. Our research promotes technology-based entrepreneurship by generating, disseminating, and applying knowledge and competencies to education and business development within and beyond DTU. Researchers conduct both conceptual and empirical research using various research methods to create societal impact. Drawing upon DTU’s research excellence, the Centre collaborates closely with students, researchers, startup communities, industries, investors, and policymakers.

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Research spotlight 

How emotional dynamics within new venture teams could predict long term performance

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RESEARCH AREA: Sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation

Do you want to do
a PhD in entrepreneurship education for sustainable development?

The PhD scholarship will be part of the research area focusing on sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation at DTU Entrepreneurship. You will explore research questions such as: What is the state of the art of educational approaches, tools and methods for teaching and learning entrepreneurship for sustainable development and the SDGs? What is the relationship between entrepreneurship education for sustainable development and student entrepreneurial intentions? Do sustainable entrepreneurship seminars offered to researchers increase their entrepreneurial intentions? What type of educational tools are more likely to engage students and researchers and shape their entrepreneurial intentions?

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We conduct conceptual and empirical research using various research methods to create societal impact

Our research pursues the following goals:

Build strong research topic areas around entrepreneurship such as sustainability, digitalization and didactics that contribute to DTU’s overall strategy

Develop an ambitious and attractive research environment with a strong focus on academic development and international partnerships to ensure the Centre delivers excellent research

Translate our research results into actionable insights that benefit Centre’s education and impact practices, which in turn provide empirical foundations for research to close the learning loop

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Interested in doing a PhD focusing on neurodiversity and educational technology?

Exciting, fully-funded PhD positon is open at DTU Entrepreneurship. The PhD project will be focusing on developing, testing and implementing technological interventions towards neurodiversity in entrepreneurship education. You are expected to make use of technology advancements that have the potential to empower every student and reduce inequalities within education. We are looking for a candidate with a background in psychology, entrepreneurship or computer science with an understanding and interest in translating her or his knowledge to entrepreneurship education.

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Visiting professors

The Centre was honored to have Professor Johan Wiklund as the Otto Mønsted visiting professor of entrepreneurship during Februar 2020-June 2020. Professor Johan Wiklund’s research interests include entrepreneurship and mental health as well as the entry, performance, and exit of entrepreneurial firms. He is considered a leading authority in entrepreneurship research with over 60 articles appearing in leading entrepreneurship and management journals and over 17,000 citations.

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Could your research grant application benefit from our knowledge and expertise?

DTU Entrepreneurship has a broad scope of knowledge and expertise in technology innovation and entrepreneurship, which can be required for many national and international research projects in science, engineering and management. We provide proposal support and expertise in a variety of topical areas that include technology commercialization, entrepreneurship, innovation strategy.

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How entrepreneurship
and innovation
contribute to the UN

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If you are a researcher looking to forge a collaboration on entrepreneurship research or would like us to be a part of a grant application, an executive interested in collaborating within a given industry, or a policymaker looking for input and a potential partnership, we would love to hear from you. 

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Professor &
Head of Research


Big science
Innovation management
International technology transfer
Strategic innovation

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Associate Professor


Health & well-being 
Team dynamics 
Nascent & hybrid entrepreneurship 

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Associate Professor


Portrait Francesco Rosati

Associate Professor


Sustainable entrepreneurship
Business model innovation for sustainability
Corporate sustainability management