DTU Entrepreneurship puts a premium on evidence-based research in a wide range of management, pedagogic, and policy issues related to entrepreneurship and innovation.

Research at DTU Entrepreneurship has a mission to promote technology-based entrepreneurship by generating, disseminating, and applying knowledge and competencies to education and business development within and beyond DTU.

Researchers at DTU Entrepreneurship conduct both conceptual and empirical research using various research methods to create societal impacts.

Examples of research projects at DTU Entrepreneurship can be found at the:

  • Individual and team level (e.g., entrepreneurial persistence and academic spinoff team composition)
  • Firm level (e.g., creativity, innovation, and corporate entrepreneurship)
  • Technology level (e.g., commercialization of inventions and patents)
  • System level (e.g., design and implementation of entrepreneurship ecosystem) and at the
  • Policy level (e.g., policy recommendations for promoting academic entrepreneurship)

Drawing upon its research excellence, DTU Entrepreneurship is always ready to engage in collaboration with students, researchers, startup communities, industries, investors, and policy-makers. 


Portrait Jason Li-Ying
29 OCTOBER 2020