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Collaborations for research

DTU Entrepreneurship has a broad scope of knowledge and expertise in technology innovation and entrepreneurship, which can be required for many national and international research projects in science, engineering and management.

We provide proposal support and expertise in a variety of topical areas that include technology commercialization, entrepreneurship, innovation strategy.

Are you preparing a research funding application and need our expertise in one of the following areas?

Technology commercialization

You are preparing a proposal regarding technology development and need a partner to define a strategy for technology commercialization. You might be conducting research and development of an awesome technology, regardless of patenting. We know technology commercialization, or a market exploration strategy is often expected in some calls for grants.

As a scientist or engineer, you have great scientific knowledge, but you might need a partner to help you plan technology commercialization. We can help. 

Examples include, Proof of Concept (EU or DK), ERC grant (EU), InnovExplorer (DK), Innobooster (DK), Grand solutions (DK), EU SME instruments.

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Innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem

You are preparing a proposal regarding the establishment of a novel ecosystem/infrastructure/partnership for innovation and entrepreneurship for specific industries and need a knowledge partner to co-design and implement.

Based on your industrial and knowledge background, you might have identified an opportunity to establish a new partnership to connect different stakeholders to re-energize an innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem. Your idea can also stem from or contribute to the UN’s Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs).

This type of research application requires novel partnership, entrepreneurship, and innovation at an ecosystem level. We can help you to sharpen your idea. 

Examples include the Danish Industry Foundation (Denmark), BII (Denmark), International collaborations (Denmark), H2020 ITN (EU), EU regional development fund.

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Strategy and business model

You are preparing a proposal regarding business development support for either SMEs or corporate entrepreneurship and need a knowledge partner to co-design, support, and evaluate such business development within a network of organizations.

You are either a small and medium-sized enterprise seeking new business opportunities or an established company exploring business disruption through corporate entrepreneurship, and you require funding to make it happen at a certain scale. We can help develop your idea into a scalable programme that creates greater impact.

Examples include Climate KIC, the Danish Industry Foundation (Denmark).

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Other ideas and plans

You are preparing a proposal, plan or idea that does not relate to technology commercialization, innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem and strategy or business model areas.

If you have other exciting ideas and plans that could benefit from our expertise, please share your contact information and we will get back to you.

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