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How does being an entrepreneur impact addiction?

Tuesday 26 May 20

Article by Nicola Thomas, PhD Student at DTU Entrepreneurship

Andrew Macia, founder of Red Door Studios (a SEO and marketing agency) describes how his addiction started his entrepreneurship journey:

“When I left rehab, the first thing I did was find a sponsor. He pulled no punches - he only agreed to be so on the condition I went back to college, studied hard, found something I was good at, and that I could make a positive life from. I liked the whole concept of simple communication (telling a story people could relate to) and I chose digital marketing,”  Read his "A story of recovered hope" here  

Often times, through the most challenging situations in our life, we can develop immense clarity and courage. A clarity which prompts us to start a business, and in Andrew’s case, the courage to start the journey of founding Red Door Studios. 

"We are interested in what it is like to be a founder who has had an addiction of any kind, and invite you to participate in our study on entrepreneurship and addiction"
Nicola Thomas, PhD Student

Although recent research within entrepreneurship has detailed the potential for entrepreneurship to become an addictive experience for some entrepreneurs. Research has found that the process of entrepreneurship can be thrilling, creating a high of sorts, and then a withdrawal if the business fails. Other research has looked in to workaholism within big businesses (that is an addiction to excessive work), but little is known about how workaholism affects entrepreneurs. 

Some business owners face financial stress, isolation, long hours and degrading mental health. With a growing focus on mental health in the workplace for large companies, often small businesses can be left behind. These challenging conditions may be detrimental for entrepreneurs’ who are recovering from substance addictions. 

On the other hand, some founders find the flexibility of having their own business can help them in creating balance and routine in their life, providing them with purpose and meaning. 

You are invited to participate in our study

We are interested in what it is like to be a founder who has had an addiction of any kind, and invite you to participate in our study on entrepreneurship and addiction. Our study will provide insights into how to support founders who have been impacted by addiction, and investigate if entrepreneurship has helped or hindered you on your journey. 

If you are interested in participating in our study, we would love to interview you online. The interview will take approximately 30 minutes, and your participation will remain anonymous.

In return, you will be provided with the results of our study. 

If you are interested in participating, please email Nicola Thomas at ntho@dtu.dk. 

Nicola Thomas is one of 10 (including two guests) PhD students at the DTU Entrepreneurship team

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