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Tommy Ahlers, Adjunct Professor, DTU
10 MAY

How to use the universities as a foundation for building new deep tech startups...

DTU Entrepreneurship's new adjunct professor Tommy Ahlers held his inaugural lecture at a festive event at DTU on 4 May 2023.

Portrait Tommy Ahlers
16 MAR

Tommy Ahlers appointed adjunct professor at DTU

DTU strengthens the connection between research and business through the appointment of the former Minister of Education and Research, entrepreneur and investor Tommy Ahlers...

DTU Startup day
23 JAN

New collaboration model makes entrepreneurial dreams come true

The entrepreneurial project Open Entrepreneurship increases the number of startups by bringing experienced entrepreneurs together with researchers from the country's universities...

Portrait Maria Theresa Norn
19 JAN

Between research and business there are five nuts to crack

A good interaction between research and business can lead to more research-based technology startups. A new study shows that the key is openness and collaboration. And...

Marie Lommer Bagger
18 JAN

Women entrepreneurs are met with scepticism

DTU is strengthening its efforts to promote gender equality in the entrepreneurial environment, where women are met with distrust from investors.

Portrait Jes Broeng
16 JAN

10 top tips from research to business

It can often be difficult for students to launch their own start-up or for researchers to bring their invention into the business world.

Portrait of Thomas J Howard
13 OCT

Thomas J. Howard appointed professor

Head of Innovation and Group Leader of Technology Entrepreneurship in Practice Thomas J. Howard has been appointed as the Novo Nordisk Endowed Chair of Technology Entrepreneurship...

Entrepreneurship Innovation and product development
14 JUL

Neurodiverse founders, how do you structure your work to support your needs?

We want to explore which daily habits help neurodiverse entrepreneurs thrive, and what challenges they face as a founder.   

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