20 JAN

New study programme in entrepreneurship

From Autumn 2020, DTU will be offering the Master of Science (MSc) in Technology Entrepreneurship, which accepts all BSc degrees.

12 NOV

Healthcare’s Most Impactful AI? The “Non-contact” Kind

The World Health Organization reports that 45% of member states have less than one physician per 1,000 population. With the Kaiser Family Foundation reporting 27 million...

16 OCT

Experienced entrepreneurs foster more new start-ups from the universities

During the past two years, ground-breaking research has been converted into promising start-ups by inviting experienced entrepreneurs to be mentors at the labs at the universities...

26 SEP

BE5 Hack Challenge - register now

UnternehmerTUM invites you to join a #special #hackathon – the unique BE5 HackChallenge! Use any TECH you want to shape the #future of...

15 JUL

Erasmus for Young entrepreneurs - Supporting entrepreneurship

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is a cross-border exchange programme, which aims to help new, and aspiring entrepreneurs acquire relevant skills to run and grow a small...

04 JUL

HardTech Entrepreneurship participants win first prize

Ecooil's participation in DTU Entrepreneurship's HardTech Entrepreneurship course helped pave the way to a first prize at this year's Green Challenge within the category...

18 JUN

New platform for submitting entrepreneurial thesis proposals

Centre for Technology Entrepreneurship has just released a new platform for submitting  Entrepreneurial Thesis  proposals, where DTU students can apply for writing a thesis...

17 JUN

What We Need Now: Ethical AI

In the landscape of artificial intelligence, we still find ourselves balanced precariously between the twin outcomes of Iron Man and Terminator.  In the former, we adopt...

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