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Digital celebration of our amazing student teams at DTU X-Tech

Monday 25 May 20


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DTU X-Tech Programme

DTU X-Tech finals video

As most other events during COVID-19, this semester’s edition of our DTU X-Tech finals was held online via Zoom and cast live on Facebook. On 20 May 2020, we celebrated the accomplishments of our amazing student teams and startups from this spring 2020 semester and the finalists from autumn 2019. 

All teams have done tremendously well and adapted bravely to online studies and teaching and at DTU Entrepreneurship, we are so proud of them all. Well done all!

At the DTU X-Tech programme, we take, predominately, BtB cases, which are technology based with societal impact and bring them in from external companies and from research and technology projects throughout DTU. We put teams of mixed disciplinary master students together from all technology backgrounds and business students from CBS and Copenhagen Business Academy. The teams then work for 15 weeks to commercialize the technology.

Thomas J. Howard, Head of X-Tech:  “Congratulations to all the teams this semester. They have done a fantastic job given the COVID-19 circumstances. I cannot believe how resourceful everyone has been. Reading all the business plans and seeing all the pitches, the quality of the output from the students has been phenomenal.  Well done to you all. You should be very very proud.”  

Every team has an industry mentor. These mentors come back to us semester after semester to help and guide the students at DTU X-Tech. 

We could not do this programme without you. We are very grateful for your contributions – thank you so much for helping us”, says Thomas. “Thank you also to the heads of our various DTU X-Tech tracks and of course our Programme Manager Danny Grydholt, who has kept the “show” on the road during COVID-19. Grundfos, PreSeed Ventures and Otto Bruuns Fond collaborate with us and your support is so important for the students and the programme. Thank you so much for your support”, Thomas continues.

Pitch & award, Best Tech Demo from spring 2020 - courtesy of Otto Bruuns fond.

The finalists pitched by recorded video:

  • FiskTek
  • Wedetech
  • Brøn

Brøn was awarded the Best Tech Demo prize for a device to measure all water that go into the roadside gullies. 

Pitches, finalists from autumn 2019 – award courtesy of PreSeed Ventures

The finalists pitched live:

  • Lamplight Diagnostics
  • Caelimetrics
  • Nordic crabs

The winner of the first prize of DKK 200,000 for their startup was Caelimetrics for their project : “Revolutionizing Waterway Surveying Using Remote Sensing”

Finalists from spring 2020 – prizes courtesy of PreSeed Ventures

We are very pleased to announce the finalists from our spring 2020 semester, who will be going into DTU Skylab Ignite:

  • Nordic Algea Nutrition (at the finals on 20 May 2020, Rapid Raman was originally announced as one of the finalist. However, they decided not to continue on this path and Nordic Algea Nutrition took their place as one of the finalist in stead)   
  • AQShare
  • Reel
Even though the audience could not see or taste the prototypes in real life – the award show went smoothly without any technical difficulties.
If you missed it live, the video is available at DTU Skylab’s Facebook

Congratulations to all winners and runner-ups. Thank you for an amazing collaboration with DTU Sklyab and good luck with the coming Ignite programme.

What to be a DTU X-Tech Student? 

We look forward to welcoming new students to DTU X-Tech Entrepreneurship (course number: 42634) in autumn 2020.

Want to collaborate with DTU X-Tech?

DTU Entrepreneurship, DTU Skylab and among other DTU units; Center for Water Activities at DTU/VIS Project work closely together on DTU X-Tech. All have a big part in the success of the programme. 

The programme also depends on support and collaboration with for example mentors and sponsors from the industry.

Please contact us if you are interested to:
  • sponsor a track
  • lead a track as an Industry Fellow or to
  • mentor a team.