Partnership with Carlsberg Laboratory, Foss and DTU X-Tech

Partnership with Carlsberg Research Laboratory and FOSS Analytics

Thursday 20 Aug 20

Food & Ag track partner

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Food & Ag track partner

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One of the key objectives with the DTU X-Tech entrepreneurship programme is to offer a venture building model and platform for Corporate-University collaboration. 

The DTU X-Tech model is established around a range of thematic tracks.

New partnerships

In the upcoming fall 2020 version of the programme, we are proud to announce that we have partnered with two Danish industry icons, The Carlsberg Research Laboratory and FOSS Analytics, respectively. 

Through our partnership, Carslberg Research Laboratory and FOSS will constitute the Food & Ag track, focusing on food and agricultural technology. It is probably, the best constellation we could think of. 

The global value chain around food and agriculture is not only responsible for feeding the planet, it is also employing well over 40% of the global population (source: Agrifood Tech Funding Report: Year review 2018| Global food production is responsible for one-quarter of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions

Through the Food & Ag track in DTU X-Tech, we set focus on a growing segment of the startup universe that is aiming to utilize opportunities in improving or disrupting the global food and agriculture industry. As with all industries, technology plays a key role in driving the change of this industry, and Danish corporates like Carlsberg and FOSS are pioneering their respective industries on themes like sustainability and technology development.


At DTU Entrepreneurship, we are confident that startups are a catalyst for positive progression and impact within this industry. Nationally, Danish food products currently cover the consumption of 15 mill people (2.5 times the population of Denmark!). 

Collectively this provides a strong foundation and great platform for the activities in the Food & Ag track. 

From this partnership we not only expect to propel forward a series of great new ventures that will leverage both tech insights, deep domain knowledge and inventions from Carlsberg Research Laboratory and FOSS Analytics, we also aim to foster a series of cross-pollination effects between our teams and also the two corporates.

DTU X-Tech programme

We kickoff the fall edition of DTU X-Tech programme on 4 September 2020 and will keep you posted about our activities.

If you are curious to know more, do not hesitate to reach out!

Danny Grydholt
Thomas J. Howard


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