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DTU X-Tech is a
hybrid incubator,
university, fab-lab, innovation and
research facility

DTU X-Tech is an accelerated-learning programme that combines engineering, business and marketing students with inventions, patents and technological needs from industry partners and DTU research. The outcome: A prototype, a business plan, and an entrepreneurial team ready to explore a new business venture.

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This course incubator assigns an industry mentor with experience in the technological field of the project to each team, and provides free access to prototyping facilities, 5,000 DKK for equipment, support from product and business development specialists, and lectures and keynotes on entrepreneurship.

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Unexpected combinations build breakthrough businesses

We believe that blending entrepreneurs and specialists from different backgrounds within a specific thematic focus area creates breakthrough thinking and solutions. These themes or tracks include:

Food & agri-tech

Each track has a leadership team of diverse DTU scientists and is sponsored by an external company who typically submits or frames the thematic project.

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"Clean water is one of the UN SDGs and a very significant global challenge that we chose to address“

says Kavi, one of the students in a group participating in the DTU X-Tech Entrepreneurship course. The group have come up with an idea for supplying villages in Africa with clean drinking water.

GRUNDFOS, who sponsored one of the DTU X-Tech focus areas, has secured the rights to the project and employed the students to complete it.

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New start-up stores solar energy in salt to make cooking safe

Every year, 4 million people, primarily women and children in rural villages, urban slums and refugee camps, die from preparing meals over open fires. DTU X-Tech finalist ServedOnSalt developed rechargeable batteries that store solar energy in salt, which cost half the price of charcoal, and make cooking clean, affordable and safe.

Visit ServedOnSalt's website
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Ready for
a venture?

Get in touch to sponsor a track, lead a track as an industry fellow or mentor a team

Information for cases companies in course 42500, 38103 and DTU X-Tech+ on needed commitment

Thomas J. Howard

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Professor, Head of Innovation and Group Leader of Technology Entrepreneurship and Design

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My main area of interest is in technology entrepreneurship, in particular, in biomass processing, Mechanical and hard-tech based start-ups/spinouts.

In addition to the above, I have deep expertise in the area of robust design, quality and reliability engineering, where I have many research publications, new methods and approaches. I provide industry training courses on a regular basis in the field of robust design for both international and domestic clients.

Always open for collaboration and business and am extremely good at connecting the right people together and making resources available. Do not hesitate to get in touch.