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Course Number Course Title Bsc/Msc ECTS   Contact
 X-Tech Entrepreneurship (formerly Hardtech Entrepreneurship)

Msc 10  Danny Grydholt 
 42085  Strategy, Design and Market Msc 5  Jason Li-Ying 
 42435  Knowledge-based entrepreneurship Msc


 Carina Lomberg 
 42436 Commercialization of high tech concepts, entrepreneurship and science in action
Msc  5  Carina Lomberg 
 42438  Business model design for growth entrepreneurship Msc 5  Jason Li-Ying 
 Social Entrepreneurship, Theory and Practice Bsc 5  Jieyu Zhou 
 42575  Technology and Innovation Management Msc 5  Jason Li-Ying 
 42439  Market opportunities for technology Msc 5  Carina Lomberg 
 42799  Patent course   3  Lars Alkærsig