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our purpose

We use technology entrepreneurship as a vehicle for positive social and economic change

The Centre is an enabling force for innovation and social and economic change through entrepreneurial capability development across different facets of society - education, industry, government, and DTU. We develop entrepreneurs who build solutions at the intersection of technology and humanity and help researchers envision how their work can create real world impact.

Working with policymakers, we deliver expertise and knowledge on everything related to entrepreneurial ecosystems, from technology transfer to entrepreneur burnout, to support them in building robust entrepreneurship policies. We connect industry to critical thinking and problem-solving talent, and support start-ups in building their capabilities and sustainable companies.

The Centre provides a theoretical framework, empirical evidence, and experiential opportunities for our students and diverse societal stakeholders. Through DTU X-Tech and Open Entrepreneurship, experiential learning labs that put research in motion, teams work together to address unsolved problems, whether in science or society, and build breakthrough solutions and start-ups. Working with external partners, we nurture a university culture for industry collaboration.

Creating a vibrant, dynamic and evolving technology entrepreneurship ecosystem requires rethinking education, with rigorous research as the launchpad for collaborative learning and building, and strong local and global partnerships.

“Entrepreneurship offers students the ability to uncover new opportunities that did not exist before. They become modern explorers.”

- Jes Broeng, Director, Centre for Technology Entrepreneurship

Our work and education are anchored in our values: Openness, honesty, and cooperation

Solving real world problems requires a new way of thinking about technology and entrepreneurship. We need to move out of the garage, and into a space that invites diverse teams ranging from philosophers to designers, from engineers to anthropologists, to collaborate with educators, researchers, corporates, policymakers and a host of unusual suspects.

We are driven by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and strive to develop ethically minded entrepreneurs focused on social impact that goes beyond profit.

Together, we can humanize technology through entrepreneurship to build a better world.

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