Prestigious award for research in business and UN Global Goals

Thursday 12 Nov 20


Francesco Rosati
Associate Professor
DTU Entrepreneurship
+45 45 25 60 21
Associate Professor Francesco Rosati was presented with the Tietgen Award by the Danish Society for Education and Business. The award is given to sharp young minds to help them continue their research in the fields of social sciences or humanities. 

On 11 November, Associate Professor Francesco Rosati from DTU Entrepreneurship - together with a researcher from University of Copenhagen - received this year's Tietgen award from the Danish Society for Education and Business (DSEB). The prize of DKK 500,000 goes to younger researchers in recognition of a significant research effort in the business-oriented humanities and social sciences. This is the first time a researcher from DTU has been a recipient.

Francesco Rosati receives the award for his research into how industry can contribute to meeting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Chairman of DSEB, Torben Möger Pedersen, highlights Francesco Rosati for providing knowledge that can support the development of commercial solutions to major global societal challenges:

“The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals have clarified important societal challenges. But most of the attempts to translate the Goals into action focus on what governments and authorities can do. That’s why there’s a lot of potential in supporting business in how they can contribute to the effort,” he says.

And Chairman of the Prize Committee, Jakob Roland Munch, adds:

“Francesco Rosati focuses on a highly relevant theme of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and has already established himself as a well-publicised and well-quoted researcher.”

Francesco Rosati will use the prize money to delve further into the terms and conditions of entrepreneurship.

“The research project will examine the institutional, organizational, and individual factors that drive or prevent entrepreneurship and innovation within the UN Sustainable Development Goals,” he explains.