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Thursday 25 Jun 20

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It is a pleasure to welcome our second in house Industry Fellow, Troels Keldmann, co-founder and co-owner of Keldmann Healthcare and Keldmann Innovation.

Troels will be heading up the MedTech/eHealth track, which is part of the DTU X-Tech programme.

Troels Keldmann, Industry Fellow, says: “Innovation and entrepreneurship has always been a part of my life. I am second generation of an entrepreneurial family. My experience and passion is to identify, develop and commercialize medtech and healthcare-IT business opportunities. 

I have known DTU for years from B.Sc. M.Sc. and Ph.D. in innovation and DTU Entrepreneurship is in my opinion a very relevant and inspiring step forward for DTU.

I look forward to collaborating with the team at DTU Entrepreneurship on the DTU X-Tech programme where my focus will be on the MedTech/eHealth. And last but not least, I look forward to meeting the students and working with them on their cases”

Industry fellows, team mentors and sponsors are an invaluable part of the DTU X-Tech programme. The programme could not be done without their contributions.

Thomas J. Howard, Head of DTU X-Tech, comments: “We are so grateful that Troels has joined us as Industry Fellow and will be sharing his huge experience and knowledge with us and the students”.

DTU X-Tech

DTU X-Tech is an entrepreneurship programme that helps Master’s students create the backbone of their own start-up based on collaboration with industry and researchers from DTU.

The programme brings the best technological ideas forward by joining engineering students from DTU, business students from CBS and CPH Business, and inventions/patents/technological needs from Danish companies and DTU’s research.

The outcome: A prototype, a business plan, and a spinout-team ready to explore a new business venture.

The course runs in thematic tracks:

  • MedTech/eHealth
  • LifeScience
  • Water
  • Food & Agriculture
  • Deep Tech

Each track has a leadership team of scientists from around DTU and is sponsored by an external company who typically will be submitting or frame the projects for the track.

Learn more about the entrepreneurship programme: DTU X-Tech here

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